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Crow Meditation

Dip fevered neck. Plant / split-lipped calm.
Spit wonder. Smile. / Starve dark fright. Be light.



I am a maker. I make poems, stories, performance, installations, lesson plans, cocktail parties, editorial decisions, organizational strategy. As a writer, editor, educator, organizer, writing coach, public speaker, and artistic collaborator I also work with others to make good things happen. Let’s make something.»


I am a sharer. I believe that some of our best work is done in collaboration and/or conversation. I live in a large, beautiful world of makers, creators, doers, thinkers, and learners. Find my work here, in person, in print, or online. Reach out for booking information or more. Let’s see what we can do together. Let’s share.»


I am human. Like my mother’s mother, and her mother (above), I come from people. I go places. I listen and see, speak and work through arts, politics, literature, and learning. I give poetry readings and book signings, lead workshops, and serve as a writing coach to help others unearth their own projects. Let’s connect.»
© Copyright 2013 - Samiya Bashir