200+ Poets "Renga for Obama"

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Day 28 #RengaforObama feat. Samiya Bashir & Jen Bervin, ed. by Major Jackson for The Harvard Review

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Always happy to pair up with Jen Bervin for ll of the things, the music of her haiku met my mind (interestingly, we both wrote these 30,000 feet in the air) to waki this, which has whispered through my mind ever since, as a command:

"we make the stars ours again
one by one by one by ten"

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Samiya Bashir + Jen Bervin pair up to poem

beach marriage queer grace
cancer free o-surgery
dear life! we praise you

we make the stars ours again
one by     one by    one by    ten

"Renga for Obama" is modeled on a traditional Japanese poetic form. Poets, working in pairs, will compose a tan-renga (short renga) of two stanzas: first, a traditional haiku of three lines of 5-7-5 syllables, followed by a couplet, called a waki, of two lines of seven syllables each (7-7), which is intended as a response to the haiku. A new tan-renga (or pair of stanzas) will be added every day for the first 100 days—or maybe more!—each pair of poets adding to the renga chain. While President Barack Obama occasions our meditation, we hope that the renga will range freely over any number of topics. We only want to emphasize that this poem is intended in a spirit of celebration.
"Renga for Obama" is a collaborative work curated and edited by Major Jackson and published by Harvard Review.