A Recent List:

A few things I've recently heard that stuck:

  • “This is the story of how I began again,” Jennifer Casale
  • “Sometimes impossible situations take a little longer,” I don’t remember who said this. Do you?
  • “What we love others will love and we will show them how,” William Wordsworth
  • “The thing about the monarchy is the waste of a tightly bound narrative. It's redundant. Lack of genetic input keeps the story so so old, again: murder. Again: greed. Again: the exception to prove the rule.” –I dunno this one might have been me.
  • "Chant pray wail moan protest repeat," JP Howard
  • “The night has a thousand eyes,” Eleanor Roosevelt
  • "You had to be in the howl of it to taste it," Rickey delaurentiis
  • "But...we're NOT shocked, really. We knew what was gonna happen. [But we are considered unreliable witnesses]," Bettina Judd
  • "You might witness but you didn't tell or you were a snitch, you may have seen but you didn't see," Tai Freedom Ford
  • "I consider 'human' to be a very violent word: it never considered us. We were a surprise to the word human," Phillip Williams
  • “How Can you tell if your spirit is high or low? Do you ask somebody?” Kenan Banks
Past lists are worth keeping I figure. There is always much to which I'd like to return.