Art + Poems + A good time in the desert

“Hello fellow human being in a sea of egos!”

--Kristen Nelson

Hey! Two new videos in two days, I must have finally finished vacuuming!

Check out this beautiful night at Casa Libre en la Solana, in Tucson, Arizona, when I read some poems from my forthcoming book, Field Theories, invited Aishah Sabatini Sloan to join me in conversation with her beautiful essay "One American Goes to See '30 Americans,'" based on her experience at the "30 Americans" exhibit at the Detroit Institute of the Arts. Aishah also co-read Samiya's poem "Universe as infant: fatter than expected, and kind of lumpy." 


Samiya Bashir Reading at Casa Libre with guest Aishah Sabatini Sloan, December 19, 2015

“…this is how I feel when I hear Samiya read and perform her work," said Kristen Nelson with such beauty and kindness. "It’s like something has been shut off and she reopens a new sense into the world.”

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