Field Report

House plants. Yard trees. 

House plants. Yard trees. 

I keep confusing March with May.

I'm clearly ready for the cold to give way for the clouds to give way for sun.

My yard trees have tinytiny leaves now.

My skin remains tropical, even after all these centuries.

Come on air, join me.

Today in Robots! I! Need!

These dudes made a pretty sweet one. Although I'm thinking a bit more robot, a little more swank, and a lot less videocapture. I prefer to travel in smooth, sweet peace.

I Need A Magic Carpet!

Might a magic carpet count as a robot? Might the worlds robotics experts find their way toward the making of magic carpets? 

How about just one for me? I want one.

I don't mean this sexually.  Although now that I think about it...

Still: Today in transportation needs I'm going to ask for my name to be listed next to Magic Carpet. Sounds like a better ride than Uber/Lyft/Bus... any old day to me.