Deadlines I Recently Missed

If I'd gotten that bit in to the Poetry Foundation blog about what I'm reading now, which I didn't -- sorry y'all, this is the shit that would've been on it. 

  • Voyage of the Sable Venus, Robin Coste Lewis (again, because why the hell not)
  • Chelsea Girls, Eileen Myles (again, because of the sweet reissue)
  • Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Claudia Rankine (umpteenth time, to teach @ Literary Arts Seminar)
  • Citizen, Claudia Rankine (umpteenth time, to teach @ Literary Arts Seminar)
  • A Lucent Fire, Patricia Spears Jones (slaying for decades, that one)
  • A Swarm of Bees in High Court, Tonya Foster (I can't even with this magic woman)
  • My Seneca Village, Marilyn Nelson (she speaks in perfect iambic pentameter this woman)
  • She Tries Her Tongue, M. Nourbese Philip (Aaaaaaahhhh!)
  • Resident Alien, Kazim Ali (he just stays schemin)
  • I'm ok, I'm pig! Kim Hyesoon (she breaks my skull and puts it back together all funky like)
  • Life in a Box is a Pretty Life, Dawn Lundy Martin (I've owed her a call for like 6 weeks so instead I just guiltily keep reading her amazing fucking poems and keep telling myself I'm gonna call her tomorrow)

Now I'm not saying that y'all should miss your important deadlines. Just that I might. But you should still read this magical goodness if you haven't already. And probably again if you have.