For those who think Islamophobia only impact Muslims, or hijabi women, pay attention.

First things first, I AM Muslim according to them. My family, my name makes the claim. Ask European Jews if anyone asked when they'd last been to synagogue before pinning on that star. Doesn't matter. And even if the other side (still not me) is Christian, we're still black so there's no pretending any reprieve from fear and hate exists on any end of the gene pool. Of the body pool.

All of my "racially ambiguous" looking friends know this too. All of my Latinx peeps who "look Arab," all of my actually Arab peeps, Asians, blacks, no need to list because all of us are screwed hwre. Even you dear white reader. Screwed, just perhaps a bit more slowly.

And I'm not particularly interested in selling out my religious family (or anyone's) for my own lack of religious practice to gain some semblance of security. We should all be safe. We should all be treated with dignity. We are all beautifully human.


I have to be loud and clear here. Because screw this. "They" come for every single thing I am--separately and together--every time. Even when all it is is human. Human is enough. 

I will not break into pieces.

I will alloy into platinum.

Blind them all with shine.