Happy / Rageful / Still-Freedom-Seeking Juneteenth Y'all!

Y'all! It was so great to join Alison Stewart's convo this morning on #poetry, #pride, #hiphop, and more and more and more. Some great questions by Alison Stewart, and a bit of poetry by me and by Ladan Osman, author of my Poem-a-Day selection for today. From Juneteenth to PRIDE & beyond today on All of It with Alison Stewart on WNYC + also a CAT guest appears!

  • Check the conversation here:


  • Check Ladan Osman’s poem, “The scalps of the women with the best prophecies are dry this season” & hear the poet read it herself!


  • Check the rest of my Poem-a-Day selections for June — trust me: you don’t want to miss a thing!