Here we go again...

I've just been welcomed back to Muslim name = pointless travel drama. Again. Security made me go through the long line, though I was cleared for the short line. Security held me after the scanner for 30 minutes. My bag. For NOTHING. Unpacked everything and ran it separately. While being assholes - no real reason except their reason. Knowing my flight was going to leave. Then, knowing, slowly putting everything BEHIND everyone else's bags, waiting for more bags to go behind. Then made my stuff, unpacked, sit there. I couldn't take it even though it had cleared. At the final surly reply that I was free to go, I ran. Got to the gate at 7m before take off. Woman didn't want to let me on because it closes at 6m before take off. She got angry (at me) when I told her about what's just happened with security. Thank GOD a black woman came out and said she'd take me back because it WASN'T officially closed yet, despite the angry white gate woman's protestations. Thank goodness for this sister.


Please goodness let us have each other's backs through this madness.


For real. 🙌🏾