"I melt dead air."

Samiya Bashir's FIELD THEORIES areola's PICA's Time Based Art Festival.

Portland, Ore. 16.9.16 :: Beneath the fractured light of a harvest moon eclipse, black|bodies descend into PICA's Time Based Art Festival and radiate poetry/light.

The poem: "Paleontology" from Field Theories (Nightboat Books, 2017) -- read it online at The Offing.

The film:  FIELD THEORIES -one-

movement by keyon gaskin + filmed with Roland Dahwen Wu & Patua Films || Field Theories wends its way through quantum mechanics to chicken wings and Newports, love and a shoulder's chill, melding blackbody theory (idealized perfect absorption, as opposed to the whitebody's idealized reflection) with real live Black bodies.

The Co-Conspirators:  I'm grateful for everyone who helped with the descent:  Natalie Figueroa + Sidony O'Neal + Sharita Townsend + Derrais Carter + Keyon Gaskin + Intisar Abioto + Sika Stanton + Victor Cazares + Sameer Khan

Watch out for a new film each month through March 2017 -- descending into a city near you. ;-)