New work in Drunken Boat's Winter Issue (No. 24)

Thanks to Eunsong Kim and the editors at Drunken Boat for including my work in their newest issue. I am proud to have the title poem from my forthcoming collection, FIELD THEORIES, as well as a few other poems alongside all of the great work included.

sold for poker chips
left cold left thawed left
bent into the yawp
ass up
let be
let air

Click here to read the rest of "Field theories" along with the following poems -- "Notions of temperature," "Sometimes in a body," "Sore broken in the place of dragons," and "You don't have to pump the breaks you just gotta keep your eyes on the road" -- in Drunken Boat 24.

If ever there were a time for poetry, this is it. As Eunsong wrote in her editorial for the issue:

White liberalism and fascism is quick to commodify the use value and deploy the weaponization of poetry and language: theirs is a “furniture without memories.” The poems for the 24th issue of Drunken Boat present the stakes of “furniture without memories”—which is Toni Morrison's phrase. 
The poems here navigate and narrate hopeless tasks, impractical gestures and provoke unimaginable relations: these are not poems in volunteer service of better statehood or diplomacy—too many of these have been published and circulated so enough already.
Memory building, memory labors, memory frames, memory vehicles memory circles memory gatherings tending to memories presented here. 
Eunsong Kim
Poetry Editor
November, 2016