We know we're not arguing about freedom right?

We know we're still arguing about sharecropping and lynching, right?

2016. 1916. 1816.

America continues to offer only a slight difference of optics.‬

There were always black and brown slavers.

There were always white women at the end of one whip while controlling another whip.

There were always a group of us who could pay up a bit to stay sorta out of the fray.

I don't know about you, Dear Reader, but I am REALLY in the mood for a different fight. Our current mess is so old it's rusted.

i bet we can imagine better. I bet we can create better.  

I know we can do better because we're honestly hardly even trying. 

Let's imagine it in our dreams.  

Let's make it with our waking.

Maybe this is all fine with us... 

but maybe it's not --