Saying So Long to 2016 with Sisters, Theories, and Song in New Orleans

This summer, I sat down with beloved friend and art padna Roland Dahwen Wu, of Patua Films, and talked about a dream I wanted to work through. In it were Field Theories in full shapeshift. These poems, this poem, moving through form, leaving it's ink-on-tree self as matter on earth, and taking its place as light through space.

-- and as happens almost effortlessly when Roland and I discuss our dreams, we looked at each other and said YES. And here we are, somehow, halfway through. The fourth short film of six; December's theory, last of the year, is in the can and ready for it's New Orleans debut.

FIELD THEORIES -four- is now. is necessary. Is love embodied. So much beautiful. So much us. So much reminder. So much yes. I am in gratitude to the world, to all of my beloveds who have helped me make these dreams happen, again and again, and to those who have made them with me like Roland and Keyon.

Sometime on or before December 31, 2016, end of the month, end of the year, it's coming. In New Orleans? Come on through. Elsewhere in there world? Stay tuned to how to be there, anywhere. 

Sometimes we need reminders of who we are. Sometimes we make things that remind us. "What is a thing of beauty, if not us?" #gratitude

FIELD THEORIES - four - Ready for its in New Orleans Pop Up Drop!

FIELD THEORIES - four - Ready for its in New Orleans Pop Up Drop!

During the six months leading up to the release of FIELD THEORIES, the poem(s) of it are being reimagined through a new medium: sound+image+light.

Follow along every month as each mini-short is released in a different city across the country: Portland; Los Angeles; Baltimore; New Orleans; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C. Is that where you'll be? Come through and see!

Then don't miss the full stitching of all six mixes into one intergalactic FIELD THEORY just in time for the New York City release of FIELD THEORIES in its ink-on-tree book form.

Catch up here on any films you've missed:

Stay tuned for a heads-up on when/where/how to be down!