Special Episode: A Celebration of Queer Voices

Don't miss this special episode of the powerful poetry podcast, ALL UP IN YOUR EARS, in memory of and to benefit the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

You can hear an sound version of my poem, "A Small Matter of Engineering," closing out the episode along with beautiful and breathtaking poems from thirty LGBTQ poets. See the full list, timestamped so you can find your favorite poem/poet for a re-listen anytime, below.

Thanks to francine j. harris, Kaveh Akbar, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, and Jonathan Farmer for putting together this important episode. I am proud and honored to be a part of it. Follow to ALL UP IN YOUR EARS on Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes for more great podcasts!

Listen to   the episode here  , and donate to the   Pulse Victim’s Fund here  . 

Listen to the episode here, and donate to the Pulse Victim’s Fund here

SPECIAL EPISODE: A Celebration of Queer Voices, featuring guest contributions from Reginald Harris (2:56), Ari Banias (4:10), Jericho Brown (5:38), Fatimah Asghar (7:30), Kazim Ali (9:33), Roberto Montes (10:32), Maureen Seaton (13:41), C. Dale Young (14:54), Ife-Chudeni Oputa (17:54), Danez Smith (18:47), Jayme Ringleb (19:58), Casey Rocheteau (23:11), Michael Klein (27:57), Cam Awkward-Rich (30:41), Natalie Diaz (32:23), Alex Dimitrov (34:33), Hannah Ensor (37:35), Eduardo C. Corral (38:28), Adam Fitzgerald (39:13), Crystal Boson (40:55), Tommye Blount (41:35), Carl Phillips (43:35), Oliver Bendorf (44:41), Gala Mukomolova (46:55), Jameson Fitzpatrick (48:32), Franny Choi (51:15), Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (52:56), Derrick Austin (57:40), Aricka Foreman (59:15), Richie Hofmann (1:01:30), Shira Erlichman (1:02:19), Duriel E. Harris (1:03:56), sam sax (1:07:48), Arisa White (1:09:31), Samiya Bashir (1:10:55). Visit www.AllUpInYourEars.com to find more info on our contributors and a link to donate to the Pulse Victim’s Fund (gofundme.com/PulseVictimsFund).