Time for a new list!

So, for those of you who are keeping track, you can track previous lists in What I'm Thinking, and you'll always find the current List in the sidebar.

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Naps I Love:

  • On the sofa under the afternoon light facing the window.
  • On the sofa under the afternoon light facing the back of the sofa.
  • On the grass under a tree in the warm afternoon.
  • The kind where a kitty is also napping on my shoulder or my thigh but is not digging their claws lovingly into my flesh. Because that hurts, kitty.
  • Back in bed in the morning after feeling like I’ve done enough for that morning and that a nap would be ideal.
  • On the little blue sofa in my office, door closed, blanket over my eyes.
  • On an airplane.
  • On a choo-choo train.
  • Just about anywhere in the rain.
  • In the passenger seat of a car during a cross-country road trip.
  • Stealth-like during a meeting whose subject is something in which I have absolutely no interest. Just kidding. I don’t like those kinds of naps. I usually don’t have a blanket.