Thinking of the Water Protectors

Tell me you can watch this video and not feel it in your whole body. Tell me this family love between people, earth, animals doesn't unclick every true thing you know beneath this cloak of western culture we wear. Tell me--someone tell me--how those armed and militarized men and women old and young can stand there and not know they're wrong. Can know they're wrong and keep on standing there, armed and violent, anyway. Tell me how this history repeats and repeats and repeats and we are supposed to move through our days, especially as educators, pretending this is not real. Not happening. Not the regurgitated reflux of centuries old manifest destiny genocidal blasphemy. Tell me how you don't see that when they kill the water, they kill all of us. They even kill themselves. Tell me how many killings it takes for this to stop. Is it yours? Theirs? Tell me you'll watch video after video of the murder of black men women and children but you won't watch this. Tell me the people can stand and speak and cheer and cry, the wild buffalo themselves can make a stand, the earth itself can send emissary after emissary and you can still remain unmoved. Tell me these things, friend, and I will kneel on this beautiful dirt and pray for all of us.