"We are everybody we love. We are / inside them."


|| filmed with Roland Dahwen Wu & Patua Films ||

Together we have reached the close of a long, often beautiful, often difficult year. Somehow Field Theories, Patua Films, and I have also crossed the halfway point with our films with this week's New Orleans debut of FIELD THEORIES #4 of 6. On Thursday night, December 29th, we lit up the Bywater with sound, with light, with the faces of love from the field.

The season continues. My collaborator, Roland, and I chose this month to tune in to love, to community, to support, to connection. To a reminder that, despite all we may fear, we are in these fields together.

This month's video is an absolute love note to us all. I love us. I need us. We need us. I can't wait to hug you all.

"This is our music," -Fred Moten

❤️  Happy New Year. ❤️

**Stay tuned for a new film documenting the debut -- coming soon. And watch out for the San Francisco debut of FIELD THEORIES - five - happening during MLK week!**