What a beautiful week @ Naropa

So this summer was my first teaching at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Thanks again to Anne Waldman who brought me in for a truly magical week. Thanks to the crew of women and genderqueer folks who signed up to study with me. What beautiful bravery during such a difficult week. We mourned for those lost in Orlando. We mourned for the deep loss our culture sustains and allows to continue. We dug deep made work to metabolize that loss, to alchemize that loss into something more golden, some sort of light. 

One week. 97 degrees nearly every day. Out in the sunshine. Poeming. Considering Indra's Net. Considering the Hive Mind. Considering our bodies in this world. What a gift. What hard work. What a beautiful thing to build.

Click through to see images of my students and their work, as well as me reading or something :)